Products & Services:

We have a wide range of community and nature-based tourism products for visitors to choose from. Modification and diversification of these products further enrich the visitor’s experience. However, visitors are welcome to do as much or as little as they wish!

The major tourism products offered include:

  1. Rock art tours
  2. Fort Opege tours
  3. Bird-watching Lakes Bisina & Opeta Home to Fox’s Weaver (Ploceus spekeoides) Uganda’s only endemic bird species, the Karamoja Apalis (Apalis karamojae) endemic to Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya, and the rare shoebill (Balaeniceps rex)
  4. Boat rowing
  5. Oxen cultivation
  6. Dining with the locals
  7. Walking safaris
  8. A day with the African woman (women tourists only!)
  9. A day with a herdsman
  10. Visit the village gardens
  11. Bull fighting
  12. Let’s sing, play and dance (with local celeb musicians!)
  13. Guided tour of the village
  14. Market day (trade bonanza African style!)
  15. Our local brew
  16. Village ceremonies
  17. Rock climbing


Premium Products:

  • AVS GOLD: “Pian Upe to Lake Kyoga Expedition”, an excursion through land and water starting from Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve through Lake Opeta, Tisai Island, Lake Bisina, Aoja Bridge, Wetlands of Ngora, Agu Bridge to Lake Kyoga
  • AVS SILVER: “A Walk to the Past”, a trek to the rock art sites of Komuge, Okapel and the world famous Nyero Rock Paintings
  • AVS BRONZE: “Teso at a Glance”, the panoramic bird eye’s view of Teso and surrounding landscapes from Titidiek Rock, the highest point in Teso at 1,230m above sea level


In addition, AVS has embarked on the development of a community museum known as “Ateker Museum”. Initial activities/achievements include:

  • Designation of place
  • Collection of artefacts (95 in number from Teso, Karamoja & Turkana)
  • Cataloguing and displaying the artefacts
  • Conducting regular exhibitions
  • Acquired land to build appropriate premises and facilities
  • Constructed a relief map showing features in areas inhabited by the Ateker people and their neighborhoods